RFP: Mini-Grid Technical Support DUE DATE Download
RFP-SPM-2021-007.docx 10/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
Request for Quotations (RFQ) for Legal Services to Establish Country Office Operations in Côte d’Ivoire DUE DATE Download
RFQ_Legal Services.pdf 10/26/2021 DOWNLOAD
International consultancy to assist the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to improve the quality of teaching DUE DATE Download
Request for Proposals.pdf 09/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
2.Budget.xlsx 09/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
3.Budget narrative.docx 09/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
1.Proposal Cover Sheet.docx 09/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
Questions and answers.pdf 09/27/2021 DOWNLOAD
Conference Accommodation Services- Tanzania DUE DATE Download
RFP _Conference Accommodation Services for End of Project Workshop.pdf 09/14/2021 DOWNLOAD
Consultancy: Update "Protocol for the Development and Use of Social and Behavior Change Materials in Health" DUE DATE Download
210922_SoW_Update SBC Protocol_Revised_ZC_SB (002).docx 10/11/2021 DOWNLOAD
RFA: Implementation of the Let’s Talk Family Strengthening Programme under the USAID DREAMS Initiative DUE DATE Download
00-Lets Talk Advert-Final.pdf 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
0. PACT SA Dreams FY22 RFP-Final.pdf 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
1. Application Lets Talk Project.docx 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
2. ABC_Budget_Template_Instructions.docx 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
3. ABC_Budget_Template.xlsx 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
4. Prospective Contractor Details Form v1.docx 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
5. USAID Biodata Form.doc 09/17/2021 DOWNLOAD
ACHIEVE Tanzania Finance Consultant DUE DATE Download
Scope of Work 06/10/2021 DOWNLOAD