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Diana Muratova

deputy director

A discussion during the "Set a link fu kraka makandra" workshop. Credit: SCIOA

Indigenous youth in Suriname learn to raise their voices for their people

October 20, 2021
At 21, Robin Sabajo has seen it time and again among his peers in their village of Matta, in northern Suriname: Faced with many challenges – no nearby high schools to offer educational opportunities...
Cañón de las Guacamayas in Araracuara, Colombia

International Human Rights Day and land governance: A key indigenous right

December 10, 2020
By the SCIOA project team Indigenous communities have a spiritual connection with their territories that is reflected culturally and economically. Land bonds because it allows a collective sense of...

International Day of Rural Women: Empowering women-led indigenous organizations in the Amazon

October 15, 2020
Historically, our world has been one dominated by men. For much of history, for example, the right to own property wasn’t afforded to women. Today, around the world, women continue to face...

Raising the voices of indigenous organizations across the Amazon region

August 5, 2020
“Indigenous women need autonomy, a voice and a light.” This is how Telma Taurepang describes the challenges that her community has long faced. She serves as coordinator for União das Mulheres...