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How ixigo Increased Rank #1 Keywords Its By 133% Via SEO

About ixigo

ixigo is an AI-based online travel portal that helps you organise, book and track your trips efficiently. The online travel portal helps users track real-time ticket pricing and check the availability of flights, trains and buses.

What was ixigo looking for?

  • Increase number of keywords ranking #1 by 100% in a period of four months
  • Increase non-brand clicks by 10% during the first four months of engagement
  • Increase organic sessions by 10% during the first four months of engagement

What Infidigit Provided them?

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Increase in keywords ranking on #1 position

In the first four months of engagement, combined efforts by the Infidigit and ixigo teams helped improve the keywords ranking on the #1 position by 133%. With this, the overall average ranking of the brand also increased by 20%.

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Increase in Non-Brand Clicks

Due to constant support and technical implementation from the ixigo engineering team, the Infidigit team managed to increase the non-brand clicks by 20% for ixigo’s website.

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Increase in Organic Sessions

Within three months, the Infidigit team increased the website’s organic sessions by 14%. Along with sessions, ixigo also observed an improvement in visits from existing and new users.

How Did We Achieve These Results?

With Google rolling out the mobile-first indexing update at the time, Infidigit and ixigo decided to prioritize making the website mobile-friendly for both users and Googlebot. Infidigit team recommended fixing a pivotal discrepancy between desktop and mobile versions, which helped the brand increase the mobile rankings and be better prepared as the update rolled out. 

For the best user experience and improved crawling of the relevant pages, Infidigit and ixigo worked towards implementing internal contextual linking on the main category pages. Apart from that, blog sections were also used for internal linking to increase the crawling and page authority of the targeted pages.


Header tags were optimized to improve the ixigo website’s overall SEO performance. Title and meta descriptions were updated based on targeted primary and secondary keywords to improve the rankings. This helped further to improve the non-brand clicks.

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