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DataLocker for Healthcare

Healthcare Data

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Healthcare organizations have become notorious for data breaches, yet must still meet strict data security standards set forth by HIPAA, the HITECH Act, CMS, and many others. In order to keep data as secure as possible, healthcare organizations trust DataLocker encryption solutions.


General hospital/administrative data protection

Encrypted record storage for local/remote workers

Secure updating of non-PC equipment like MRI machines

EMR backup and storage

Benefits for Healthcare

Protect data anywhere, anytime.

DataLocker simplifies encryption, making it easy for local or remote users to protect, monitor, and secure patient info and EMR data.

Secures data all the way to the edge.

DataLocker solutions protect external devices using military-grade encryption and securing organizations against USB threats.

Gives admins control over all data.

Control external devices remotely. Manage permissions, track, lock down, and remove access to healthcare data all with a keystroke.

Compliant with strict government standards.

Meet strict regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, and GLB. All DataLocker devices are TAA compliant.

DataLocker Solutions

Encrypted Drives

Secure data with military-grade encryption on USB drives your users will want to adopt.



Easily secure, manage, and audit USB drives, USB ports, and virtual folders from anywhere.