Google RankBrain Update Launch date: October 26, 2015

Reason why RankBrain update was rolled out: Lack of query-specific relevance features, irrelevant/shallow content, poor UX

How RankBrain Update works:

Is RankBrain update a part of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm? The answer is ‘Yes’. RankBrain update is considered as the third most important signal contributing to the search query. An update that serves the best matching result as per the searchers intent. It is absolutely a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google understand the meaning behind queries. RankBrain update is called Google’s third most important ranking factor. While we totally don’t understand RankBrain, the general opinion is that it identifies the relevant query-specific ranking factors for web pages as per a given query. Through this update Google has become smart in the sense if you are searching for ‘sneakers’, it showed you results of running shoes as well. Knowledge graph has also become stronger without taking the name of the person. Find the example below:

How Rankbrain Update Works

How to overcome RankBrain Update :

A proper competitor analysis is required to upload relevant content which would be fathomable to the users of any age & demographics. For this, a WebSite Auditor’s TF-IDF tool could be used to know the concepts of your top-ranking competitors. RankBrain update connects the long & original query to the shorter one. Hence, letting Google provide a common answer to all types of searches.

How to Overcome Rankbrain Update Search Results 1
How to Overcome Rankbrain Update Search Results 2

How RankBrain Update Impacted Search results:

RankBrain update is labelled as a machine-learning artificial intelligence for Google. Artificial Intelligence is a study to train computers of how they could do things better than the present humans. On the other hand, Machine Learning is the core of how we are rethinking and transforming everything we are now doing.

To understand the word relationship as per the searchers intent & to better understand the meaning of the query posed, this is the core reason RankBrain was designed.

As for today with the use of Mobile searches coming in use, we can actually see how RankBrain helps in the conversational long-tail queries for ‘voice search’. Voice Search is a game-changer with the help of this algorithm with AI assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Now & the voice assistants like Alexa & Google Home.

The advantage of this algorithm is that it uses the stop words which were earlier completely ignored by Google search. It also tries & is prepared for one search ahead as per the user. For example, Where is the Burj Khalifa? Understanding the following query it would be prepared for the next query How tall is it? or Is it the tallest in the world?

All learning done by RankBrain in offline. It takes the searches and predicts it. If the prediction is good then the latest version goes online and the prediction continues offline. 

To know about ‘vectors’ this can be mathematically connected where only by connecting news articles and scanning them Google was able to connect countries with their capitals.

Country and Capital Vectors


RankBrain update continues to update and is more in use even today this seems as if it is a never ending update with all that comes new in Google search queries and results. Considering the BERT update we see it alike RankBrain update where machine learning understands search queries and page content. Find below a few screenshots:

Rankbrain Update Search Results 1
Rankbrain Update Search Results 2
Rankbrain Update Search Results 3
Rankbrain Update Search Results 4

A Featured Snippet example:

Rankbrain Update Search Results 5

Hence, considering this as an ever increasing update, we see the SEO industry has come a long way. Thus making things less predictable and more challenging. Considering this update in the voice search which has become popular these days. RankBrain update tries to understand the user intent of the long tail keywords search by the user and provides accurate or similar results. We as SEO experts need to embrace the Search Machine by refining and improving our page content to rank on the search result. Analyse the success and the drawbacks of the content. Try and find new opportunities to rank. Then find ways how users would naturally find your content. This would help you easily rank in the era of voice search, BERT update and machine learning.

How about you guys sharing your views regarding this update or what kind of effort are you putting to rank at the number one position?

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  1. The machine learning perspective of Google RankBrain is what sets it separated from other updates. To “teach” the RankBrain algorithm to create a valuable look comes about, Google to begin with “feeds” it information from various sources. The algorithm takes it from there, calculating and educating itself overtime to coordinate an assortment of signals to a mixture of comes about and to arrange look motor rankings based on these calculations.

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