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SEO Services Perth

Australia is home to a pool of legacy businesses that are looking for market consolidation. On the other hand, new businesses are bringing innovation into the fold. As the continent prepares itself to embrace the impending changes, Perth dominates the Western Australia economy with 78% of businesses being located in the metropolitan area. To stay ahead of the competition in the current era of the digital revolution, it is crucial for your business in Perth to have a firm grasp of SEO Perth services to have a top-ranking website on the Google SERPs to maintain the brand’s visibility and generate increased revenue.

When you think of SEO Perth, you think of Infidigit. With its cutting-edge expertise in SEO and its customer-centric approach, Infidigit is easily the best SEO company in Perth. We accelerate the conversions on your website with our growth hacking practices. We understand your unique goals and come up with innovative SEO strategies to suit your needs.

Our leaders have successfully created a business in the SEO Perth industry, that offers comprehensive and sustainable SEO practices, keeping in mind the long-term growth of your business. Our SEO Perth company has worked with a sophisticated list of clienteles across different continents of the world. Even as a young company, we have managed to bag multiple national and international awards. In fact, we are proud to be the only SEO company from India to be a finalist in the 2019 SMX Awards. This speaks about our expertise and credibility.

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Why Choose Infidigit for SEO in Perth

Infidigit is the go-to company for search engine optimisation in Perth. Although relatively new in the field, the following reasons speak of its excellent performance and credibility as an SEO company in Perth:

Proven Track Record

Our SEO Perth services have a proven track record of excellence in the SEO industry. In the just 3 years since its inception in 2017, we have managed to increase the profitability of every big and small business we are working with. Our team of SEO Perth experts analyse, audit, and optimise the website according to the latest SEO trends in the market. Our innovative SEO approaches help improve the rankings, as well as, drive increased organic web traffic to the site.

Holistic Approach

What makes Infidigit stand out as an SEO agency Perth is its holistic approach followed in optimising the client’s website. We do not limit our services to on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Our SEO services Perth include performing technical audits, suggesting content marketing strategies, CRO strategies, social media marketing strategies, and so on and so forth. Our SEO approach is fool-proof when it comes to generating organic traffic and increased conversions.

We increase your marketing ROI

Naturally, every business or website owner expects a high return on investment from their SEO campaign. However, average and typical SEO techniques laid out by inexperienced SEO Perth consultants hardly ever generate considerable ROI. With its unique strategies, Infidigit, as a digital marketing company in Australia gives your business an extremely high ROI. We, the SEO Perth agency can help you to increase your revenue through our customised approach for your target audiences for optimum results.

Dedicated Account Manager

Another factor that makes us unique as an SEO company in Perth is the fact that we provide you a team of digital experts along with a dedicated account manager to work on your website. No matter how big or small your business is, a designated SEO Perth account manager is assigned to every client. Our account manager will answer any queries you might have regarding the entire SEO process. They will also provide regular results of the SEO Perth campaign.

Client First Approach

At Infidigit, we prioritise our clients and their goals over everything else. Our SEO Perth company’s team of digital experts analyse the performance of your website and address any issues that might be affecting its ranking on Google SERPs. Based on your goals and target audience, our experts will roll out an effective and customised SEO plan. Detailed reports of the performance of SEO strategies are shared at regular intervals. This ensures that you are consistently aware of the every step of the project.

Technical SEO Experts

Our technical SEO experts are the best in the SEO Perth industry for your business. The dedicated and innovative team of technical SEO experts perform a technical SEO audit for your website and optimise its crawling and indexing by search engine crawlers. They provide the latest strategy for factors such as sitemaps, meta tags, keyword research and optimisation, link building, etc. that affect how your website is ranked by Google.

Types of SEO Services in Perth

With Infidigit as your SEO Perth company, clients can avail of a range of SEO services in Perth. These services enable our SEO Perth company to adopt a holistic approach towards addressing the SEO problems for any website:

Ecommerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO Services

Infidigit is the best choice for any website owner looking for an ecommerce SEO service in Perth. Backed by years of experience, our professional team provides the right SEO solutions for your unique e-commerce portal based on its specific target audience. We have helped a number of e-commerce giants to increase their conversions and sales through organic traffic. As a part of our e-commerce SEO services, we perform a 250-pointers technical SEO audit of your website. We also help your website to recover from any Google Penalties. Our SEO Perth team suggests ways to make the content on your website more engaging. With the right schema markup, we make the webpages on your site beat any competition for a high rank on the Google SERPs.

SEO Audit Services

Performing a thorough audit of your website is important as it reveals all optimisation errors on a webpage. Infidigit’s professional SEO Perth team will examine and analyse a range of factors in the audit including your website’s structure and code, URL structure, image tags, and meta tags, canonicals, page load time, sitemaps and robots.txt files. Once analysed, the audit will guide the team to come up with a customised plan to optimise the webpages of your site to achieve top ranking on Google SERPs. The major aspects covered by our SEO Audit services include competitor research audit, technical SEO audit, on-page SEO audit, off-page audit, architecture and code review, content SEO audit, and Google Penalty Identification audit to name a few.

SEO Audit Services

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Ranking high in location-based searches is crucial for your website’s revenue generation. As a local SEO provider in Perth, Infidigit provides local SEO services to boost your website’s online visibility and promote your business in all locations. Our SEO in Perth team will look into all the local listings and analyse how your competitors rank for them. Our SEO Perth company’s experts will optimise Google My Business page and undertake local link building practices as well. They will also take into account the local store reviews, and perform localised keyword research and optimisation. We help to promote your local business with an extensive and customised marketing strategy at hand. The reports provided by our team will help you to know about mobile search rankings, and track data for NAP and local citations.

CRO Services

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO services are fully-tested ways of converting passive site visitors into potential customers of your website. As a CRO company in Perth, Infidigit provides a combination of services including audits, A/B testing, landing page optimisation as well as conversion page analysis. Our SEO Perth team tailors the best CRO practices to suit the unique needs of your website and increases its online visibility and credibility. We observe and analyse the site traffic, users navigate behaviour and spend time on the website. We lay down industry-specific solutions to improve user experience, decrease the bounce rates, and increase conversions. Our experienced CRO team shares the latest performance reports with the client and discusses ways to leverage on the CRO practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google routinely penalises the websites that do not meet the parameters of Google rankings and algorithms. It also penalises websites that implement black hat SEO strategies to increase its visibility on Google SERPs. These penalties significantly reduces a website’s ranking. At Infidigit, we provide SEO penalty recovery in Perth that helps your website to recover from any Google Penalties easily. The SEO penalty recovery tools used by our SEO professionals fix all issues and increase the website’s visibility. Our SEO Perth team performs a backlink analysis of your website and removes any low-quality or inactive links. We review and optimise the content on your website, and get rid of any duplicate content or keyword stuffing that can lead to penalty.

Content Marketing Services

As your SEO consultants Perth, Infidigit provides content marketing services for your business and your website. Every company or brand requires its customised marketing strategy depending on the industry, level of competition, location, target audience, so on. Our SEO Perth team understands this and so it creates a custom content marketing strategy to suit the needs of your website after an accurate content gap analysis. With an experienced content marketing team at your disposal, you can improve your website’s online presence and increase your CTR and conversion rates. Our marketing collaterals include optimising the content on your website for featured snippets, creating error-free blogs and articles, etc. with the help of skilled writers and editors in our team.

Content Marketing Services

Our SEO Services Includes

Search Engine Optimisation includes a wide array of services. It usually includes the following components that help optimise a website for higher rankings and ultimately increase the revenue generation of a client website:

1. SEO Audit


We cover more than 250 pointer checklist and parameters for your website

Local SEO Services2. Technical SEO


Technical SEO is a huge component of SEO processes and practices

SEO Audit Services3. Keyword Research


We conduct comprehensive keyword research to boost your SEO

SEO Services4. Content Strategy


We come up with a customised content strategy for your website

SEO Audit Services5. Titles and Meta Descriptions


These elements impact the click-through rates on your site

Local SEO Services - Link Building

6. Contextual Linking 


Contextual links help prove link juices to money pages

7. Link Acquisition


It is a process of acquiring links to your website from relevant sources

8. Image and Video Optimisation


Our strategy also includes image and video optimisation

SEO Services India

9. Performance Tracking


You will receive routine reports backed by concrete user data

SEO Audit

  • The team of digital experts and SEO professional at Infidigit, SEO Perth, perform a comprehensive and detailed SEO Audit so as to understand all the optimisation gaps that might be present on your website.
  • Our SEO Perth team at Infidigit covers more than 250 pointer checklist and parameters that analyse the overall health of your site.
  • We look into factors such as keyword optimisation, sitemaps, meta tags, alt tags, robots.txt files, canonicals, URL structure, and so on and so forth. Competitor Research Audit, Architecture Audit, Technical Website Audit, On-Page Optimisation Audit, Content quality Audit are but a few of the various audit processes undertaken by SEO experts Perth.

Technical SEO

  • Technical SEO is a huge component of SEO processes and practices. Technical SEO includes every programming and technical issue that impacts the overall performance of a website.
  • While analysing the technical SEO of your website, the SEO Perth team will review the XML sitemap and robots.txt files so that search engine crawlers can crawl your website properly.  They will also look into crawl stats, JavaScript indexing, URL structure, etc. and ensure that the right schema and markup and structured data are implemented on your site.
  • Technical SEO optimises the technicalities of the website so that crawlers can identify and index the webpages of your site easily.

Keyword Research

  • Conducting a comprehensive keyword research to boost your SEO rankings is an imperative part of the process of any webpage’s optimisation.
  • Our SEO Perth team delves deep into the web and finds the most searched and worthy keywords for your webpages, and implements them to enhance the SEO health of your pages. We conduct research by analysing your competition’s keyword strategy and breaking down the basic requirements of the content to find the best suited short and long tailed keywords.
  • Our SEO Perth experts will also go above and beyond to find trending keywords and keywords with hidden value that will help in generating even higher organic traffic for your webpages.

Content Strategy

  • The content of your website is what makes or breaks it. As a part of its top-notch SEO practices, the consultants of SEO Perth come up with a customised content strategy for your website.
  • The innovative content strategies are backed by extensive and rigorous research done by the experts at Infidigit. They make sure that the content is original, grammatically correct, easy to read, and relevant to the user’s web searches.
  • The professional writers and editors in our team prepare high-quality content targeting the main keywords and improve user experience on your website. The team will weed out any duplicate or thin content on your website that hamper the website’s ranking on Google SERPs.

Titles and Meta Description

  • Both Titles and meta descriptions appear in the header section of a web page. These components help both crawlers, as well as users to understand what the content on the web page is about.
  • Title tags are HTML elements in the form of headlines that provide the title of a web page. These are extremely important as they create the first impression that users will have on your web page . Typically, Google shows the first 60 characters of a title tag. The meta descriptions provide a concise summary of the web page. Meta descriptions between 50 to 160 characters are of the optimal length.
  • The SEO Perth experts at Infidigit will help create unique and keyword-optimised titles and meta descriptions for your website. Both of these elements impact the click-through rates on your site.

Contextual Linking

  • Contextual links are the linked words, usually the keywords, on a webpage. Contextual linking is a very important SEO strategy that earns your website high credibility among users.
  • These links increase the relevance of both the linking and the linked pages for the search engine crawlers. They also decrease the user bounce rate by helping them to easily navigate to other pages with relevant information. With improved user experience, ranking on Google SERPs increases automatically.
  • Contextual links help prove link juices to money pages. The SEO Perth experts optimising your website will ensure that your site is linked to relevant and high-authority sources, through natural and descriptive phrases.

Link Acquisition

  • Link acquisition as an SEO strategy is simply the process of acquiring links to your website from relevant sources and websites, which our SEO Perth team specialises in leveraging to your advantage. This is usually referred to as link building practices in SEO terminology.
  • Acquiring high-quality links from authoritative websites has become an extremely important part of optimising your website and ranking high on Google SERPs. Good-quality link building functions as a signal to the Google crawlers that the website is a credible source that should be indexed.
  • The SEO consultants Perth work towards acquiring links to your website through authoritative sources, by using white hat strategies. They also remove and disavow any poor links for which the website has been penalised by Google.

Image and Video Optimisation

  • SEO strategies also include image and video optimisation. Although Images and videos are gaining popularity as SEO trends, they are often overlooked by many inexperienced SEO consultants.
  • With Infidigit’s industry-best SEO practices, your website can enjoy growing visibility on the Google SERPs. Our SEO Perth experts optimise both images and videos on your website, increasing conversions and revenue.
  • The experts pick a relevant image for the content on your website. They also provide a fitting alt text, title tags and meta descriptions that are keyword optimised for your images and videos.

Performance Tracking

  • With Infidigit as your SEO Perth company, you can be assured of receiving routine reports and tracking the performance of the SEO strategies implemented on your website. This helps to maintain transparency.
  • The reports are backed by concrete user data. You can get a clear idea about the user traffic patterns as well as conversion analysis. We use tools like Webmaster, Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Ahref to track the performance of your website.
  • We also set follow-up calls on a monthly basis to discuss the effectiveness of and possible changes required in the SEO practices for your website.

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FAQ’s on SEO Services

The majority of the web users searching for information on the internet do not go beyond the first search engine results page, to find what they are looking for. Research shows that the websites appearing on the first page of the Google SERPs receive 95% of the web traffic while domains on the second and third pages together receive the remaining 5% of web traffic. Moreover, 90.63% of a billion web pages pertaining to different businesses, do not receive any traffic at all. 

Thus, in order to make sure that your website is fully optimised according to the changing Google algorithms and ranking policies, SEO or search engine optimisation is extremely important. SEO helps your website to achieve a high ranking on the first page of Google SERPs. With the right SEO practices, the credibility, and visibility of your web increases, fuelling a staggering growth in organic traffic and conversions. Infidigit’s SEO Perth experts will aid you in achieving this, and much more.

The URL of any website starts with either HTTP or HTTPS. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, whereas HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. URLs starting with HTTPS indicate that the website has a certificate of authenticity that makes all data transfers and exchanges over the website secure and protected.

Keeping in mind the privacy and data security concerns of all users on the web, Google gives more importance to websites that have URLs starting with HTTPS. If a website’s URL starts with HTTP, its optimisation is compromised, and it does not rank high on Google SERPs. URLs starting with HTTPS on the other hand have a positive impact on SEO. Our SEO Perth experts will help your website obtain the HTTPS certificate and improve its ranking.

Although coding is an underrated component of SEO, having your website efficiently coded has many benefits that ultimately contribute to the optimisation of your website. For instance, validating the code on your website helps search engine crawlers and spiders to discover and index it. Coding also lets websites have a clean URL with relevant keywords. The SEO experts Perth will fix the code for the URL of your website so that it does not have any unnecessary characters. Checking and updating the code of your website regularly can help to improve site speed as well. Having codes for alternative descriptions of non-text content also helps search engine crawlers to index your website. 301 redirects can also be set up with the help of a code, to avoid any loss of Page Rank. Thus, proper coding is a vital part of any SEO campaign, and our SEO Perth company takes proper care of it.

Conducting a proper search engine optimisation service for any website requires a number of SEO tools. For instance, our team of SEO Perth experts will use the keyword research tools in order to learn about which keywords are ranking number 1 on the Google SERPs, the keywords that your competitors are targeting, so on and so forth. Our team will also use the most updated and efficient SEO tools for your website’s on-page optimisation that involves tasks like adding titles, meta descriptions, and redirecting URLs, to name a few.

Technical SEO tools required to improve the technical aspects of your website, link-building to have your website linked through authoritative backlinks, analytical tools required to analyse data on the website, rank checking tools, etc. are used to improve the overall health and performance of your website. A few proprietary SEO tools used by the consultants at our SEO Perth company include SEMRush, Ahref, Screaming Frog, Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.

After conducting a thorough audit of your website, our SEO specialists will tell you the architecture and code gaps of your website. If required, they will also make the necessary changes to your website architecture. An architecture audit and structure review will reveal the potential of your website.

The SEO Perth experts from Infidigit will figure out the best possible layout for your website, including a compact menu, efficient internal linking, and organised content hierarchy. Having an optimal architecture will improve the user experience on your site, leading to increase in their average time spent on the site, and drive conversions.

The content on a website is crucial because it reflects what the business or service is all about. Quality content is the integral part of the website without which it cannot drive organic traffic or increase conversions. On the other hand, poor quality content will only increase the bounce rate of your websites, decrease the ranking on Google SERPs, and reduce its online credibility and visibility.

Your content will either convince or discourage your customers from purchasing your solutions and services. In order to transform passive visitors into prospective customers, you need to focus on creating original and relevant content. Every piece of content, be it text, or non-text like images, videos, and infographics, should be backed with extensive research and should be optimised for search engines. Our SEO Perth team will help you improve the quality of the content on your websites, by aligning it with the latest SEO trends that drive conversions. They also remove any thin or duplicate content that might harm your page ranking. 

Google regularly penalises the websites that fail to meet the standards of its latest algorithms and ranking policies. Penalties significantly lowers the ranking and credibility of a website,  impacting its organic traffic and revenue generation negatively.

With the right SEO company in Perth at your service, your website can recover from any Google Penalties in time. To begin with, it is important to analyse all the backlinks on your website. The backlinks from low authority and spammy websites should be removed and disavowed completely. The SEO consultant Perth will also improve the quality of content on your website by removing any duplicate or thin content. Keyword stuffing can also cost your website a Google Penalty. Thus, our SEO SEO Perth experts will make sure that your website targets only relevant keywords. After optimising the website in accordance with the algorithms, the SEO expert Perth will send a ‘Reconsideration Request’ to Google explaining all the steps taken to improve and update the content on your website.

At Infidigit, we have a team of experts who are fully acquainted with all the intricacies of link building while optimising your website. Our team at SEO Perth focuses on creating sustainable and customised link-building strategies with white hat techniques that make your website achieve top ranking on Google SERPs. We provide authoritative and high-quality backlinks from relevant domains to your website. Regardless of the niche of your business – be it finance, e-commerce, B2B services, gaming, education, and many more – we have professional link builders for you.

We collaborate with influencers, bloggers, and an extended network of digital PR to increase the visibility of your website on all social platforms, drive web traffic from each possible network, and to increase your social signals. We also share easy to read and organised link building reports with you that contain details about elements like direct links, dates, anchor text, nofollow attributes, etc.

Despite having an in-house SEO team, you should always consider outsourcing your SEO activities. SEO includes a wide array of services such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content writing and marketing, link building campaigns, social media marketing and much more. An in-house SEO team will rarely have professional expertise in each of these aspects of SEO. But when you outsource your SEO, you can be ensured that a dedicated team of professionals is working together on every single component of SEO, so as to rank your website higher than all your competitors.

The SEO Perth agency will share reports on the performance of your website and site traffic regularly. If you notice that a particular strategy is not working for you, you can count on the outsourced team to come up with innovative solutions. An in-house SEO team lacks the experience and innovation that comes with working with multiple clients over the course of years.

An efficient and well-planned SEO campaign will produce concrete results in a few months’ time. A good SEO strategy will improve your website’s ranking on the Google SERPs, attract much more organic web traffic, expand your brand’s online visibility, and ultimately, drive in increased conversions.

Keeping an eye on several factors such as the engagement metrics, conversion rates, the average time spent by visitors on your website, the number of pages navigated per visit, bounce rates, scroll depths, organic search traffic, keyword rankings, click-through rates (CTR), etc. can give you a clear picture of how far the SEO strategies have been successful in optimising your website.

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