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Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia, and attracts a lot of attention from businesses from across the country because of its industrial heritage. It is one of the largest industrial centres in the country. The capital city of Victoria, Melbourne is home to the headquarters of some of the biggest businesses in the country,. It also has a lot of SMEs established due to its grasp on the economical sector in Australia. This has created a ground for competition amongst businesses, and SEO Melbourne has seen a boom in demand over the last years.

SEO services in Melbourne have been very prevalent in accommodating various businesses that want to stay on the top of the charts in their industry in the digital domain. Infidigit is an established SEO company in Melbourne that bridges the gap between businesses and customers through targeted and well-researched global and local SEO services. With immaculate expertise in the domain and over 17 years of experience in the industry, your search for pristine SEO Melbourne can rest with Infidigit.

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Why Choose Infidigit as an SEO Company in Melbourne?

Apart from catering to a rich list of clients across various industries and providing them with impeccable results, Infidigit as an SEO Melbourne service provider has many benefits of choosing it over other SEO services in Melbourne. Let’s take a look:

We are result-oriented

Whether we are optimising your website or conducting an SEO audit, we always aim for achieving the results in the most streamlined way possible. Our SEO in Melbourne services are result-driven, which helps us in drafting the best data-centric and implementable SEO strategies for your business.

We have an Elaborate SEO Expertise

Our SEO Melbourne services don’t just come with our efforts, but also high expertise behind those efforts to ensure a successful implementation of our services across multiple industries. Our teams of SEO experts have over 17 years of experience in the SEO world, making them proficient in providing the best internet marketing services in Australia to businesses.

Planned approach for every step

Our approach is to provide the best SEO Melbourne services by planning for each and every step for our clients to provide a holistic view of the SEO plan. This not only helps our clients in visualising their investment with us, but also gives them an overview of how our SEO plan will help their business to grow.

We provide you with a dedicated team

Unlike other SEO Melbourne services, we allocate a dedicated team for the SEO services to our respective clients. This is a testament to how dedicated and meticulous we are for catering to each of our clients and providing them with the best SEO results.

Types of SEO Services in Melbourne offered by Infidigit

As an SEO Melbourne company, Infidigit offers you a comprehensive range of services. Have a look at some of them:

Ecommerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO Services

Infidigit’s SEO Melbourne services prides in employing highly qualified team of experts in the ecommerce domain. This helps our ecommerce SEO company in providing our clients with the best SEO strategies to increase their online traffic and revenue. With our elaborate list of SEO servings, we ensure taking your ecommerce portal to the top of the rankings in SERPs.

SEO Audit Services

Our SEO audit company specialises in carrying out comprehensive audit of your websites in order to optimise them and elevate their SEO healthiness. Our checklist of over 250-pointers helps us in conducting a conclusive audit of your websites, which helps in determining the scope of work to be done and developing the best SEO strategies for your website.

SEO Audit Services

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Our SEO Melbourne services target your local demographic and elevate your digital presence in targeted local areas. Our local SEO services promote each of your business locations, perform area-based keyword research, and also takes care of the local listings.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Infidigit also specialises in providing Google and SEO penalty recovery services. Keeping in consideration all the compliances and healthy practices in the digital domains, we provide comprehensive research of your website to make sure nothing is out of place, and just in case it is, we ensure that the penalty recovery process is seamless and your website is not red-flagged

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Infidigit’s SEO process that ensures success

Infidigit, as an SEO Melbourne company, promises a process for SEO that increases our clients’ chances of beating their competition and comes out on the top. Here is the of processes we follow in our SEO venture:

Business Goal1. Learning your business objectives


We understand your business objectives and get align with your goals

Website Audit2. Planned strategizing


This helps in analyzing your and competitor strategy to rank higher on SERPs

Detailed Reporting

3. Detailed Reporting for Transparency


Reporting helps us in tracking our performance

technical seo4. Technical SEO Services


We recommend technical changes which takes care of crawling & indexing of your website

on page seo implementation5. On-Page SEO services


We work on various on-page seo like meta tags, title tags, header tags and URL structure

off page seo implementation6. Influencer Marketing


Influencer activities are implemented to boost ranking 

Learning your business objectives

  • Any SEO Melbourne company can provide an optimum SEO services only if they understand their clients’ objectives. Our SEO agency in Melbourne makes it a rule set in stone to first understand our clients’ business objectives and goals, so that we can develop SEO strategies that not only serve their digital needs, but also their objectives.
  • This helps us in propelling our clients’ brand image, churning out more revenue, bringing in more customers, and ultimately helping them to be the best in their domain digitally.

Planned strategizing

  • Creating SEO strategies is not just about analysis and implementation. Infidigit as an SEO Melbourne company firmly believes in charting out the complete roadmap of SEO strategies, their implementation.
  • It also takes into account potential roadblocks, and then starts implementing the strategies to achieve successful results. This process of meticulous planning not only helps us in planning ahead of time, but also provides our clients with the information about our work tactics to keep them informed about the exact work we will do for them.

Detailed Reporting for Transparency

  • Transparency about our work is our foremost focus. To achieve this we share periodic project performance and status reports to our SEO Melbourne clients. Depending on the client’s requirement, this can be scheduled weekly or monthly.
  • These reports cover the progress of our SEO efforts, organic traffic generated, plan ahead, the newer scope for SEO services, and much more. For the clients, this builds continued confidence in and also creates a communication channel that leaves no valuable information untold between the two parties.

Technical SEO Services

  • Infidigit team also assists the clients in the technical domains. We provide our clients with technical recommendations to boost the visibility of their websites.
  • These technical recommendations include sitemaps, which can define how well the websites will look to the target audience. We also provide schema implementation services or recommendations to improve the health of the websites.

On-Page SEO services

  • Our comprehensive on-page SEO services not only optimises your website, but also ensure to remove any flaws that might have been holding it back from ranking higher on search engines. We thoroughly analyse all the content on your website, optimise title tags, meta descriptions, meta tags, and image alt tags as well.
  • Our SEO Melbourne services also ensure that there is no plagiarised or duplicate content on your webpages, while keeping your URLs keyword heavy and clean for better rankings.

Influencer Marketing

  • Infidigit also brings in resources that help in propelling your search engine rankings to a whole new level through the influencers. Influencer marketing is a subtle yet helpful way of increasing the reach of your webpages to the general audience.
  • We put our influencer marketing to work by building links to external sources for your websites, which help search engines to find your website conveniently and faster.

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FAQ’s on SEO Services

Infidigit is one of the few SEO Melbourne companies which offers dedicated SEO team to each of our clients. We are also equipped with an experience of over 17 years in the field, which helps us in finding opportunities for our clients with carefully drafted processes and optimum SEO strategy implementation.

Infidigit is a global SEO company. We have worked for a varied list of clients across the globe. We have a strong presence in providing SEO and digital marketing services in Australia, and our SEO Melbourne services are known to be a standout. We optimise not only Australian websites, but any and all websites.

SEO has proved to be a very valuable tool for businesses across the globe in gaining new customers and increasing their revenue. SEO helps in increasing your business’s reach to a much wider potential customers, who are looking for the services you provide, and it is imperative that your search results come in before your competitors. This helps you in increasing your sales significantly.

While you can take up some classes to learn the basics of SEO practices and try to do them yourself, it is better to leave the complicated SEO processes like audits, technical SEO, on-page and off-page SEO, and much more to professionals with expertise in the domain.

  • Voice Search – Over 20% of searches made from mobiles are voice search
  • Featured Snippets – Providing a summary to the answer for a search query is what attracts a customer to click on the link
  • Seamless Digital Experience – Increasing page loading speeds, instantly responsive chatbots for answering customer queries on the website, and much more can improve customer experience and bring in more organic traffic
  • Content-Length – Keeping high quality and long-form content on webpages can significantly increase the SERP rankings of your page

Our SEO Melbourne experts delve deep into conducting comprehensive research for finding the best keywords for your websites. This includes analysing your competition’s keyword strategy to leverage it, finding the hidden domain keywords to enhance the quality of the content and analysing the latest search trends to find the most searched short and long-tail keywords.

Our SEO Melbourne team is flexible in terms of finding targeted keywords for any campaign, based on its scope and aim. If your campaign is short-termed, we will conduct a thorough competitor analysis to find out how many keywords they are using and excel them. If your campaign is long term, then we will also conduct regular research on social media trends and SEO trends to find the most active and popular keywords for you.

Our team of SEO experts is proficient in handling multiple accounts, with a dedicated team provided for each account. We are helping over 50 clients worldwide in elevating their SEO prowess and SERP rankings. Our SEO Melbourne experts leverage the vast experience to provide you with the most dedicated and targeted results for your websites.

Infidigit employs the best SEO and niche content writers in the field and leverages their expertise in generating targeted and SEO heavy content that helps in elevating the SEO rankings of your website. Our experienced content writers are adept to delve into any domain and deliver top-notch content for your webpages.

SEO Melbourne for businesses is an imperative part of the process for gaining digital presence. Melbourne is one of the most active economies in Australia, and establishing the best digital presence is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. SEO is the only effective way to gain that edge. Hence, taking the help of an SEO Melbourne company like Infidigit can work wonders for your business.

SEO is a process that generates long-term and scalable results. It is rather inexpensive compared to PPC. It helps your website in becoming an established frontrunner in terms of rankings on Search Engines. SEO strategies usually take between 3 months to a year to show the desired results. 

PPC or Pay Per Click is a marketing process, in which the advertisers have to pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. This process is basically buying visits for your website rather than generating those visits organically. PPC as a strategy can be expensive and it loses its effectiveness over time.

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