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The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney, is the largest in Australia and is also its financial capital. With the market space in Australia diversifying increasingly, Sydney has become the focal centre of the country for attracting all kinds of businesses to set camp in the financial district of the country. The increasing number of businesses setting camp in Sydney has significantly increased the competition amongst themselves to stay ahead. One domain where this competition has become cut-throat is the digital space. Hence, SEO in Sydney has become one of the most searched for services in the country.

SEO services in Sydney have become need of the hour. Scouring through a colossal list of agencies and companies to avail the best SEO Sydney services has become a hassle for businesses. This is where Infidigit, an SEO Sydney company with its years of expertise and a multitude of accolades, comes into the picture. Infidigit, an accomplished SEO company in Sydney aims to bridge the gap between customers and businesses. The company has an intrinsic process of well-researched global and local SEO services. With immaculate expertise in providing SEO services for over seventeen years, your search for an SEO Sydney company can come to rest with Infidigit.

Infidigit has been shining in the SEO industry for a while now. It has gained accolades and won awards for providing pristine SEO services to businesses and enterprises across various domains worldwide. We are entrusted by global brands like Zivame, Mochi, Lifestyle, Medlife, and many more. We have churned out superfluous results for these brands in the SEO domain. As an SEO Sydney company, we aim to provide our clients with immaculate and proven SEO strategies for them to excel in the digital sphere. We are the only Indian SEO company to have been a finalist in the SMX Search Engine Land Award 2019. In addition, we have won over 16 awards for excellence in the SEO domain in the past 3 years.

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Why is SEO more prevalent now than ever before?

SEO has taken the online industry by a storm and shot itself on the top of the ladder in terms of essential services for businesses looking to make an online impact. While there are several reasons why SEO Sydney has become so imperative for businesses in the city, listed below are the main reasons for this phenomenon:

Better Engagement

The primary objective of SEO is to bring in more customers for businesses by increasing their visibility on search engines. This is the best way to increase your engagement with your customers. SEO Sydney services accomplish this in the same way. Sydney is the financial centre of the country for businesses to have better customer engagement as the customers have a plethora of options to avail any service.

Brand Visibility

SEO Sydney efforts by Infidigit aim to increase any business’ brand awareness and make customers aware of their services. With increased brand awareness, businesses generate more revenue. This becomes possible as the flurry of potential customers rushes in to avail their services just based on their brand visibility. This is the power of optimum SEO Sydney services that we at Infidigit provide to our clients.

More Visitors

As explained above, all efforts for making affluent and flexible SEO strategies for businesses ultimately lead to more engagement and visits from customers. With most recorded visitors, businesses grow faster and become leaders in their respective domains.

Better Conversion Rate

SEO Sydney services provided by Infidigit not only aims to provide your business with more visitors but also turns them into potential customers. This is ensured by targeting customer’s needs and convincing them of availing services from you. The conversion rates provided by Infidigit are unparalleled and helps your business in reaching its financial goals seamlessly.

Reasons for Choosing Infidigit as your SEO Sydney Partner

Infidigit is a one-stop-solution for every SEO related concern and goals of businesses. Here are some of the most prevalent factors that can be considered as our USP for convincing you to choose us for all of your SEO Sydney needs:

Updated with the Industry

At Infidigit, we like to stay ahead in the game by being updated and proficient in any and all new developments in the SEO industry. Our SEO experts are always on their toes, looking for the newest updates and algorithms to make sure that our services provide you with the most efficient SERP rankings and organic traffic.

SEO Proven Results

As an SEO Sydney company, it is important to possess not only the skills but also successful implementation of SEO campaigns and strategies in the field. Infidigit boasts of a plethora of SEO proven results to showcase for its work in the field. This is done with accomplished SEO experts and a team that focuses on generating the best results in carrying out all SEO activities for your business

Ethical SEO

Often, amateur agencies carry out SEO activities unaware of the unethical SEO practices that can incur a penalty on businesses. Infidigit’s SEO consultants have the utmost expertise and experience in the SEO domain. This helps in carrying out ethical SEO activities without businesses ever having to worry about getting Google penalties.

Data-Driven Approach

Infidigit primarily focuses on keeping all of its SEO approaches data-driven, which guarantees high-end results for businesses. Our SEO Sydney services are extremely result-oriented, and our research is intrinsic to keep it as data-centric as possible. Our SEO Sydney company understands the unique goals of every client and charts down a customized and data-driven SEO campaign that provides effective and efficient solutions for your website.

ROI Driven

Every enterprise or business owner expects a high return on investment from their SEO campaigns. However, weak or immature SEO techniques presented by inexperienced SEO Sydney consultants can hardly ever generate an acceptable ROI. Infidigit breaks this mould with its unique strategies. As a digital marketing agency in Australia, we give your venture an extremely high ROI. We provide you with the best SEO Sydney results through our customized approach to the target audience.

Innovative Ideas

One thing that makes Infidigit stands apart from other SEO companies is that none of our SEO campaigns or strategies are similar to each other. We believe in providing innovative and intuitive ideas to businesses that are apt for long-term and short-term goals. As an SEO Sydney company, we provide the most contemporary solutions to help businesses propel their growth and meet their goals in a shorter time.

Types of SEO Services Infidigit Provides

With Infidigit as your SEO Sydney partner, you get access to a multitude of SEO services that can help your business in amassing organic traffic and obtaining top search engine rankings. Here is a list of SEO services we provide:

Ecommerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO Services

Infidigit’s SEO Sydney services has an accomplished team of SEO experts in the eCommerce domain. This helps our eCommerce SEO services in providing our clients with immaculate SEO strategies, which increase their online eCommerce portal traffic organically and propel their revenue significantly. With our elaborate list of eCommerce SEO services, we ensure taking client’s platform or portal to the top of the rankings in SERPs.

SEO Audit Services

Our SEO Sydney audit company specialises in conducting comprehensive and thorough audits of client’s web pages or websites to properly optimise them and elevate their SEO healthiness. Few of the major domains covered under our SEO Audit services include:

  • competitor research audit
  • on-page SEO audit
  • off-page audit
  • technical SEO audit
  • architecture and code review
  • content SEO audit
  • Google Penalty Identification audit

SEO Audit Services

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO Sydney services assist a website in leveraging on the local search traffic, which helps in increasing lead conversion. We comprehensively analyse client’s local competition and their SEO strategies. Thereafter we come up with intuitive and flexible marketing strategies that help us in promoting their business in targeted locales. We also research localised keywords with the highest search volumes based on the region being targeted. Moreover, our team of SEO Sydney experts also share location-specific performance reports that comprise of all relevant metrics.

Link Building Services

Acquiring high-quality and healthy links from authoritative websites to elevate the quality of the webpage, optimises client’s website and ranks it high on search engines. Good-quality link building services act as a positive signal to the Google crawlers that your website is a credible source and a relevant website that should be indexed and ranked higher on search pages. Our SEO Sydney experts work towards obtaining quality links for website through relevant sources, by using white hat strategies. They also remove any poor links on websites during audits which might be deflating their SERP rankings.

Link Building Service

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Infidigit is also an accomplished SEO Sydney company in providing Google penalty recovery services. As mentioned previously, we keep in mind all healthy SEO practices and follow all compliances in digital domains issued by Google or other search engines. Our audits on a website make sure that nothing falls out of compliance.

Content Marketing Services

Infidigit specialises in providing content marketing services for businesses by carrying out targeted campaigns. Every brand requires its own marketing strategy that is customized as per industry, location, target audience, level of competition, and so on. Our SEO Sydney experts create custom content marketing strategies that suit the imminent requirements for a website. They do so by conducting a precise content gap analysis. Our content marketing services include a primal list, that includes optimising website content for featured snippets, creating SEO heavy blogs and articles, and much more.

Content Marketing Services

Our SEO Services Includes

Search Engine Optimisation includes a wide array of services. It usually includes the following components that help optimise a website for higher rankings and ultimately increase the revenue generation of a client website:

1. Setting Up Goals


We connect with clients and setup the goals before we get on implementation phase

2. Conducting Competitor Analysis


Competitor analysis helps in understanding SEO strategy of your competitor

3. Comprehensive SEO Auditing


We cover more than 250 pointer checklist and parameters for your website

SEO Audit Services4. Keyword Research


We conduct comprehensive keyword research to boost your SEO

SEO Services5. Developing Competent Content Strategies


We come up with a customised content strategy for your website

SEO Audit Services6. On-Page SEO Services


On Page SEO includes meta tags, URL, header tags and many more

Local SEO Services - Link Building

7. Internal Link Building Strategy


Internal links helps in passing link juices to money pages

SEO Services in India8. Link Building Strategy


It is a process of acquiring links to your website from relevant sources

SEO Services India

9. Providing Detailed Reports


You will receive routine reports backed by concrete user data

Setting Up Goals

  • Infidigit’s first step in any SEO campaign is to understand and determine the short-term and long-term goals of client’s business. This is necessary to ascertain what they are looking for by investing in SEO services with us.
  • Our team of SEO consultants analyse ideal target audience and generates an SEO strategy while keeping in mind the goals needed by the clients through our services.
  • Our SEO Sydney consultants also focus on generating a detailed roadmap so that our clients can get an idea about how we plan to reach the determined goals, to maintain transparency and trust during the process.

Conducting Competitor Analysis

  • Our SEO Sydney company carries out intrinsic research of all the market trends before beginning the work on building any SEO campaigns or strategies for your marketing efforts. We also research competitor SEO practices, and what is working and what’s not for your competitors. This helps our SEO agency in developing the most competent and successful SEO strategies for client’s website.
  • We borrow from what is working SEO-wise for your competitors and elevate those practices to churn out better results. We also discover hidden opportunities and develop innovative SEO strategies for domains where client’s competitors have failed.
  • Our process of developing strategies is based on a step-by-step model, in which we research, collect, analyse, and refine data to develop data-centric and result-driven strategies that help you in meeting goals as desired by our clients. This not only helps us in propelling their business to new heights but also staying two steps ahead of competitions at any given time.

Comprehensive SEO Auditing

  • Performing a detailed audit of a website, which covers each and every nook and crook is imperative as it reveals all the optimisation and SEO errors on a webpage. Infidigit’s professional SEO Sydney experts examine and analyse many factors in our 250+ pointer checklist while conducting the SEO audit.
  • These factors include activities such as analysing the website’s structure and code, page load time, URL structure, canonicals, image and meta tags, sitemap, and much more. Once comprehensively analysed, the SEO audit then guides our team to develop a customized SEO plan to optimise the SEO healthiness of webpages, which helps a website in achieving the top ranking on Google SERPs.
  • The major domains covered by our website SEO Audit services include competitor technical SEO audit, research audit, architecture and code review, on-page SEO audit, off-page audit, content SEO audit, and Google Penalty Identification audit.

Keyword Research

  • Conducting meticulous keyword research to boost a website’s SEO rankings is an important part of the SEO optimisation process. Our SEO Sydney team takes a deep dive into client’s domain and collects the most searched, trending, and worthy keywords for webpages. \
  • We later implement them to enhance the SEO for those pages. Our SEO Sydney company conducts this research by deeply assessing our client’s competitors’ keyword strategies. We also assess the purpose of the content to find the best fitting short and long-tailed keywords.
  • Our SEO Sydney experts also find trending keywords or content trends, which helps you in generating even more organic traffic for your webpages.

Developing Competent Content Strategies

  • Content will always take the cake when it comes to advertising or marketing a business or enterprise. Content marketing and development are the key players in the digital domain that can determine how successful online presence of the business is.
  • Our SEO Sydney company excels in developing masterful content strategies to target an audience as well as convince search engines to rank the page higher in search engines.
  • To outrank your competitors, we conduct a thorough competitor analysis and surpass their SEO strategies to have an edge over them in search engine rankings.

On-Page SEO Services

  • On-page SEO services offered by Infidigit include all SEO measures and practices that are undertaken and implemented on the website itself. Factors such as keyword optimisation, alt text, meta description, URL structure, title tags, SSL certificate, page performance, internal linking, and much more are implemented to provide the best results for  webpages.
  • Our SEO Sydney consultants ensure that the content on a website is keyword-optimised, according to the trends and search volume. The meta description is made to give a precise idea to the search engine about the content on the page.
  • Alt text and title tags for images and videos should be optimised. All these steps and more are carried out to provide a website with a complete refurbishing in terms of SEO heavy and organic content.

Internal Link Building Strategy

  • High-end-quality link building functions as a signal to the Google crawlers that the website is a credible source and should be indexed. Our SEO Sydney consultants work towards acquiring links for a website through authoritative sources.
  • They also make sure that all of the webpages are internally linked to one or more page/s or external resources to generate more traffic on the website. Our internal linking expertise carries forward website’s momentum and increases its indexing by search engines.
  • Implementing internal linking on webpages, wherever relevant, can significantly boost the health of the website, and help it rank much higher on search engines.

Link Building Strategy

  • We also scour the internet to find the best and most authoritative resources that can be linked on a webpage to increase its credibility and accessibility by search engines.
  • We find the most authoritative and relevant backlinks to incorporate in the website, making Google’s algorithm index on the website as reliable. This is an important factor in achieving high rankings on Google.
  • Moreover, external link building strategy also comes into play, where we externally link a website to various guest blogs, other websites, and many other resources. This helps in improving the website’s visibility and getting indexed in the search results more quickly.

Providing Detailed Reports

  • The foremost thing we take care of is providing transparency about our work  to our clients We provide periodic reports (weekly or monthly) to our SEO Sydney clients, based on their convenience.
  • These reports contain important information such as organic traffic generated, progress of our SEO efforts, newer scope for SEO services, future plan, and much more.
  • This activity not only keeps our clients’ confidence in us intact, but also creates a seamless and reliable communication channel between us and the client. Thereby leaving no critical information untold between the two parties.

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FAQ’s on SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process that helps websites in elevating their ranking on search engines organically. Search engines have crawlers that basically venture into the web and collect as much information as they can. They bring all this information they’ve collected together as 1s and 0s and build an index of data. This index is imperative, as it is fed through an algorithm. Its job is to match the data collected to what the user has searched. SEO is the process of refining web pages so that they can be indexed, and detected by this algorithm to display on search results.

The purpose of SEO is to elevate the standards of a website so that it can be easily detected and displayed by search engines. It is a prevalent technique that comes in handy if you want to rank your website higher on search engine results.

SEO is more important in 2022 than it was in previous years. It is more relevant now than ever before. Google alone witnesses over 6 billion searches daily. Research also shows that over 75% of web users prefer not to scroll beyond the first page of search results on any search engine. Thus, websites on the consequent pages of the Google SERP receive significantly lower organic web traffic.

Businesses and agencies are always in search of the right SEO company and strategies which will help them rank high on the Google SERPs. Moreover, it is expected that in 2022, multiple companies and businesses in the US alone will spend over 80 billion dollars in their SEO efforts to generate higher SERP rankings. In Australia, too, SEO is significantly on the rise, and only a competent SEO Sydney company like Infidigit can aid businesses in achieving higher rankings on SERPs and generate organic traffic.

SEO has established itself as a very valuable tool for enterprises and businesses across the globe for gaining new customers and increasing their revenue. SEO not only helps businesses in expanding their reach and finding new customers, but it also opens up an opportunity for them to grow their revenue exponentially. Having a website come up as the first result on search pages is an instant indicator that the business is a leader in the domain, which urges the customer to engage with them. This helps in increasing the conversion rates, and CRO services offered by SEO agencies make this process streamlined. SEO can provide many benefits, including the aforementioned ones, and helps in increasing your business’s reach to a much wider range of potential customers.

Many factors are involved in Google algorithm assessing the content and ranking it. Here are some of the key factors that help in ranking content higher on Google:

  • Quality of Content – Users are always in search of unique and valuable content that can answer/solve their queries. Hence, it is imperative that the quality of the content always remains top-notch.
  • Keywords – Keywords are what the Google algorithm primarily indexes for each search. Infusing content with targeted keywords that are relevant to the content can significantly boost the content’s Google ranking.
  • Providing answers – Explicitly answering the questions in a content can significantly boost the content’s Google ranking. Resolving the user’s query in the search page itself is a good indicator and assigning the link of your content urges the user to click on it and read more.

The primary purpose of building any website or publishing content is to make it accessible to the users. Recent research indicated that over 75% of the users prefer to not click on “page 2” for a search query. Hence, to accomplish the purpose of your website/webpage, it is imperative that you rank on page 1 of the Google search engine to ensure that the users have access to your website. Moreover, there is a tough competition providing the same services. This means that the user will always have options and will prefer to engage only with the top results for resolving their query or availing the services. Hence, it is imperative that your website ranks good enough to be present on the 1st page of Google so that you can churn out more viewers or customers.

SEO for businesses is a crucial part of generating digital awareness and building a brand image. Sydney is one of the most prevalent economies in Australia. SEO in Sydney helps businesses establish best digital presence amongst the competition. This is the only way to stay ahead of them. SEO is the most efficient and effective way to gain that edge over your competition. Moreover, if you’re trying to establish your presence for any type of business through digital platforms, SEO needs to be one of the top priorities. It will help you in garnering more consumers for your services, and also help in building a brand image that can further help your business grow exponentially. So, yes, SEO will work for your business. All you need to do is find a partner like Infidigit, who has expertise in the SEO industry to carry out the campaigns and strategies for you.

SEO is a lengthy process but it helps gain long-term results. The time it takes your website to rank depends upon architecture, scope, and many more elements of the website. But to simplify it, we can take this situation into account. If you’re availing digital marketing services that primarily focus on long-tail keywords, then it would take about 3 months for your page to rank high. On the other hand, if your strategy is based on targeting head keywords, it might take up to 6 months for your website to rank on SERPs.

SEO is a continuous process. It is meant to generate long-lasting results. It might be common for businesses to opt-out of SEO services once they’ve achieved the top rankings. However it can only last as long as the website stays updated according to the SEO norms. Infidigit’s SEO Sydney services ensure that your top rankings on search engines hold steady once reached by constantly optimising the content and ensuring that the competitor SEO strategies don’t outrank yours. We also carry out research on the market trends to keep the website fresh and updated. This helps in keeping your top-rankings intact. It also ensures more conversions are driven by adapting and implementing the newer SEO trends.

While Google has an elaborate list of factors that determine the ranking of your website, here are the most important one, in no particular order:

  • Topical authoritativeness – Having an authoritative website which Google considers a valuable resource for a list of keywords is one of the most effective ways to rank on the top.
  • Backlinking – Having relevant backlinks to resources that are authoritative is another factor that Google assesses for ranking your website.
  • Depth of content – Having long-form content is not always the answer. It is also how deep your content goes in terms of information for the relevant keywords. A short blog covering all areas of the keyword will rank higher than a long blog that mostly beats around the bush with keywords flooded in.
  • Page loading speed – This is perhaps one of the most important factors which determines how long the user stays on a webpage. Keeping the pages optimised and as small in bytes as possible is the key to achieving more traffic and getting high Google rankings.

While SEO is like a cat and mouse game between the competitors, it is hardly a surprise when a competitor edges out your ranking with an improved SEO strategy of their own. The key to gaining back your high rankings is to assess the competition thoroughly, see what areas they developed their SEO strategies in, and one-up their game. Infidigit as an SEO agency in Sydney ensures a comprehensive analysis of your competition and also finds the hidden keywords and areas which your competition might be lagging behind in. Then, our SEO Sydney company leverages this information into developing out-of-the-world SEO strategies that will make a significant impact on your SERP rankings. We also ensure that your website is in sync with all the latest trends and changes in the SEO industry to ensure that the websites’ rankings remain high.

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO. Obtaining backlinks from authoritative and relevant resources and putting them on your page significantly increases the relevance of your website in the Google algorithm. This helps in ranking your pages higher, and also elevates the standard of SEO of your website. Hence, backlinking is a very important activity for having a successful SEO for any website.

Here are some of the good SEO practices:

  • Using primary, secondary, LSI, and long-tail keywords
  • Positioning keywords early in the webpage
  • Developing unique and plagiarism free content
  • Using keyword heavy meta tags, title tags, and Image alt text
  • Optimising website’s loading speed
  • Linking internally to relevant webpages
  • Building authoritative backlinks to your website

While understanding the semantics of SEO and acquiring basic skills in the domain is a less time-consuming task. There are a lot of intrinsic factors that go into gaining proficiency in the SEO domain. Hence, taking the assistance of an established company for SEO in Sydney like Infidigit is the most practical choice for businesses. They offer a plethora of services in the SEO domain to ensure long-lasting and rigid ranking results.

Our company comes equipped with SEO consultants Sydney that are highly proficient, and also highly experienced in the SEO industry. The team carries out elaborate research and analysis of each and every corner of your industry. This is to make sure that data-driven and result-centric SEO strategies and campaigns are created to benefit your business. Moreover, with an experience of over 17 years and multiple awards to show our competency for, Infidigit believes in providing the best results with the experts in the industry.

This totally depends on the type of business you have and the financial goals you set. An SEO campaign can target as little as 2 keywords to as much as 50 keywords. Hence, it is important to know the timeframe and budget to determine how many keywords can be targeted by an SEO company. There  are many types of keywords such as long-tail keywords, head keywords, geo-targeting keywords, product-defining keywords, and much more. Therefore, the type of keyword you target plays an important role in this decision.

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