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As an Amazon advertising agency, Infidigit has made extensive contributions to the landscape of digital marketing. With unrivalled skill in driving digital marketing and e-commerce SEO services, Infidigit has weaved a tapestry of remarkable success in India and abroad with seventeen years of experience in data-driven solutions. Today, Infidigit provides top-notch SEO-based services to premium brands like ICICI Prudential, Dream11, ZEE5, Myntra, and many more well-known brands, along with many SMEs. Infidigit’s unique approach towards product optimisation and digital marketing has given the company a sharply competitive edge over the rest.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world that draws in billions of visitors. If you have a business on Amazon, it is time to boost sales by implementing Amazon PPC Management to optimise brand campaigns and boost revenues with data-based decisions. And, when you finally decide to take the leap and advertise with Amazon, a team of experts at Infidigit will be there to offer you customised PPC services. These services focus on the needs of your business and create research-driven and targeted strategies to increase its digital visibility.

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Why use Amazon PPC Management Services For Business?

Listed below are some of the key reasons why Amazon PPC Management Services For Business is a fruitful investment

Increase Sales

BloomReach, an e-commerce company, conducted a consumer survey in 2016 which revealed that 55% of the buyers search for a product on Amazon before searching on Google. Hence, Amazon marketplace has immense potential for increasing sales. To get an edge over the other brands, you require a planned marketing strategy that is driven by SEO optimised ad campaigns. Amazon PPC services by Infidigit help in finetuning that process.

Increase Brand Awareness

For long term benefits of ROI, establishing brand goodwill and recognition is vital. Our Amazon advertising services will plan the right way to launch your brand on the Amazon marketplace and grow it with the help of sponsored brand ads and product display ads. We target the demand-side platform of Amazon to make your brand more discoverable on the site by collecting market data and remarketing to audiences.

Boost Market Dominance

Customers are bound to be exposed to products that have good visibility online and are provided by a brand they are well aware of. Our Amazon advertising service aims to positively impact business and boost the market dominance of a brand. Some of the factors that help businesses grow are Introduction of new positions, Introduction of new products, A new location to deal with the products.

Reach the Target audience

With an integrated approach featuring Amazon SEO or Amazon PPC, reaching the target customer on the e-commerce platform becomes very easy. As most customers start their search for the desired product on Amazon, it provides advertisers with the immense opportunity to tend to the desired target audience. It boosts sales on one’s Amazon store, which, in turn, increases the bottom line and market competitiveness.

Why Should You Choose Infidigit as an Amazon PPC Agency?

The leader in digital marketing

Infidigit is one of the foremost Amazon PPC service providers in the country. The team of experts at the company strives hard to increase the digital revenue of the client. This goal is realised by the implementation of best PPC and SEO strategies for excellent Amazon PPC services.

A team of dedicated professionals

Irrespective of the project requirements, Infidigit always makes sure that there is a team of dedicated experts headed by a project manager at the service of the client who seeks Amazon PPC consultancy. The chief responsibility of the team is to deliver premium-quality results within deadlines and regularly.

Data-driven strategy

The data-driven approach of Infidigit helps in targeting the relevant audience for your business-oriented Amazon PPC. Such a course of action is essential in securing leads of high quality within an optimised budget. We track and update our strategy based on the ad campaign’s performance, which is based on information collected from the reviews and feedback of your customers.

Regular reports and updates on Amazon PPC

The team at Infidigit updates the client with reports of the latest performance. These reports help in the creation of a roadmap for improving the performance results of the Amazon PPC services provided by Infidigit.

How Infidigit can help you with Amazon Advertising Services

It is very important to reduce the Advertising Cost of Sale while improving the sales volume. It helps save marketers from overspending for advertising. The Amazon advertising services help marketers seek the right assistance from experienced advisers. Infidigit offers to help with the following strategies:


Setting goals for optimising your ad content

Setting goals for the ad content’s optimisation is the first and most significant step in the launch of the Amazon PPC campaign. The formulation of the objectives helps in streamlining the strategy and improving the project work. Our professionals examine the business needs to identify the goals of Amazon PPC. At Infidigit, we lay out the objectives that fit into the long and short term goals with the services provided by us. The short-term goals help in the creation of benchmarks for the broader scope of the PPC campaign. Our long-term goals focus on the overall performance of the Amazon PPC strategy.

Strategising Amazon PPC

The Amazon PPC agency, Infidigit endeavours to constitute coordination between PPC and SEO strategy to create a successful search strategy. Strategising PPC and SEO with the help of the Amazon PPC services can be achieved in several ways. To begin with, we examine which Amazon PPC and organic keywords have the highest rate of conversion. We also capitalise on information for the optimisation of the strategy.

You will get increased return on investment (ROI)

Amazon PPC services by Infidigit helps in the generation of more ROI by the generation of more leads that contribute to an increase in the revenue. The overall increase in visibility and improvement in conversion also generates a higher ROI. Our Amazon advertising services combat includes negative reviews with the combination of SEO and PPC. The increased visibility aids in damage control by leading you to the review forum where you can hold an effective conversation with the reviewer.

Which Amazon PPC services do we provide?

Here are the different kinds of advertisements you can create for your brand with the Amazon PPC agency, Infidigit.

1. Sponsored Product Ads

We help you make a mark in the market by promoting your product in the product description pages on e-commerce sites and search results. Why is this a profitable marketing strategy? These Amazon PPC ads contain the accurate product-oriented keywords searched by the customer and are visible in the top-tier section of Amazon search results. Since Amazon sponsors these, the chances are high that you can retarget customers to let them finish buying if they had left the product in cart or persuade them to buy other products of your brand.


2. Sponsored Brand Ads

Formerly termed the “Headline Search Ads”, Sponsored Brand Ads by Amazon are primarily designed to boost awareness about your brand. Unlike sponsored product ads which mainly focus on the product, brand ads contain the brand logo and the tagline. It helps secure your customer base, which in turn will gain your customer loyalty regarding future sales. With sponsored ads, you can rest assured that the recall value of your brand gets stronger among buyers.


3. Product Display Ads

If you want your ad campaign to reach beyond the domain of e-commerce and into the daily life of your customers, Amazon PPC’s product display ads are definitely a good option to consider. The advantage of availing display ads is that you can promote your product or brand on Amazon associated websites and gadgets even if you are not an Amazon seller. When customers click on your display ad, they are redirected to your official store landing page, and not the Amazon site.


4. Amazon Video Ads

Infidigit also assists you in customising audio-visual ad campaigns for your marketing strategy by keeping customers engaged with video ads. Ideally suited for mobile users and TV audiences, these short video advertisements can be inserted in ad slots on Amazon sponsored OTT platforms, partnered sites like IMDb and Amazon devices. We create top-notch Amazon PPC ads with high-resolution images, premium-quality audio, and enticing content to make attention-grabbing ads.

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Our Amazon Ad Process

Our Amazon advertising services include researching the market-specific keywords for increasing traffic to your web page, setting a blueprint for the ad campaign, and monitoring it regularly.

The development of a strategy for the management of bids based on keywords include regular harvesting of the new keywords, utilisation of the negative keywords, and finally, the tracking of new bids optimised to the performance of solo keywords. 

Amazon PPC is an SEO-based mechanism that lists the desired products at the top of the Amazon search results based on targeted keywords. You can bid the keywords based on which order the product pages are to be ranked. Shoppers will click on the advertisements which come up once they search the keywords, visit the page of products, and thereby contribute to more sales and revenue for your business.

We optimise the product description and advertisement copy for Amazon’s specific search algorithm. Then, we perform an A/B testing of various creative elements and the advertisement copy. We perform strategic development and execution of a plan of action for advertisement beyond Amazon PPC. 

Infidigit’s Amazon Advertising Services also include linking the pages of the specific product with the PPC ad to feature the products on different pages complete with reviews. Clicking on the ad takes the shopper directly to the product web page. As a result of these efforts, Infidigit helps create an efficient landing page with buttons for CTA and targeted A/B content assessment.

Infidigit to establish an Amazon PPC campaign for you, keeping all key aspects in mind. This includes aid in the optimisation of the bid price, optimising product pages, and contributing to the delivery of the best ROI (returns on investment). 

We manage the Amazon PPC campaigns for the sponsored brand, product display, and sponsored products. For which, we track and document the insights for actionable customer feedback for increased development of the campaigns. Moreover, the content experts assigned for Amazon PPC services at Infidigit assist in adjusting and fine-tuning the content in existing campaigns to improve the ROI. Besides, Infidigit covers keyword performance and user engagement tracking for the business’ success.

Analysing the performance of your market competitors is profitable as it helps get an idea of how they are strategising their market campaign. Our Amazon advertising services will guide you in finding which keywords are targeted by other businesses’ ads in your domain and help you incorporate these into your SEO campaign. 

Competitive analysis of PPC ads is also necessary to understand the development of better UI on Amazon ads. You get to scrutinise the product ads, the brand promotion and reviews of your competitors and modify your ad campaign accordingly.

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Amazon PPC, an advertising platform provided by Amazon, allows third-party sellers on Amazon to create ad campaigns for their products. These ads show up when certain keywords are searched for. Henceforth, the parties are charged for each time potential customers click on or view their ad.

One of the biggest achievements of Amazon in recent years has been advertising. More and more customers are opting for Amazon’s services. If one’s online business is flourishing, it is still smart to opt for Amazon advertising services. It helps customers find the desired product based on the keywords they search for. Amazon displays products in organic search results and marks them as “sponsored”.

A good Amazon ACoS depends on the strategy. Marketers aim in regards to increasing profit or regulating sales or any particular area of focus determines what ACoS is “good” for them. An average ACoS is 30%, and the general rule of thumb aims at 15 to 20% ACoS. Blended ACoS considers the big picture and the whole effect of advertising on business and organic sales over time. Whereas, regular ACoS shows and considers one isolated dimension like the sustainability of advertising.

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