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Let your brand leverage local search traffic to generate quality leads. Through our Local SEO Services, we ensure maximum conversion levels amongst all local advertising channels.

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Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services - Best Local SEO Company for Local Business

Efficiently boosting your business’ online presence and promoting its visibility on location-based searches can sometimes be difficult. But with a local SEO company like Infidigit, you can get more visibility for your business and create a proper growth-oriented SEO strategy. Our local SEO services work to promote all your business locations. Even if you operate in fewer locations, we make sure that they count. 

Our local SEO services in USA function to help small business owners boost their digital presence in multifarious ways. We analyze your competitors while also looking at local listings. We also optimize your Google My Business pages. Our SEO services ensure higher conversions and brand visibility.

Our local SEO services encompass on-page optimization solutions, thorough research before the execution of strategies, analysis, and practical SEO blueprints. We also optimize individual web pages on your portal. This ensures a higher ranking for them across search engines.  

We also monitor your local store reviews, positive and negative, and take the necessary actions accordingly. We also do keyword research based on local link building and provide ecommerce SEO services depending on your business’ niche.

We take care of on-page SEO, link building, and listing services. We also help you with the right marketing and promotions to get the word out about your brand. As your best local SEO company, we also take care of several other things, including market analysis for service locations, localized keyword/map optimization, competitor research, content marketing, home page optimization, and local link building.

What’s more, you also get extensive location-specific performance reports with all the details that you need. Through these, you will learn more about mobile search rankings and maps for your service locations. We also provide all other analytics along with tracking data for NAP and local citations.

You will be able to identify coverage gaps for local listings along with identifying your best-performing and struggling locations. We also offer visual depictions of keyword ranking tables and trends and location/device comparisons. 

Infidigit looks to harness the power of local SEO services for promoting your brand to buyers in multiple locations. 

Rank Your Website #1 On Local Listing

You are just one step away from ranking your website #1 on local listing

What is a Local SEO Service?

Local SEO service is a process of optimizing the website and its content to increase the website’s visibility in the SERP for a geographical-based search. Local SEO helps enhance your website’s reach in the local region to attract more customers and eventually earn more revenue. The objective of the Local SEO service is to make your business accessible to clients and prospects that are searching for a business like yours in the local online community. 

Local SEO helps: 

  • Improve your Online Visibility for Local Customers: A majority of people go online when searching for a service in their area. This allows you to optimize your website according to local SEO to increase your page rankings and online visibility.
  • Provide more Targeted Geographic Campaigns: Leveraging local SEO services, you can target more localized consumers looking for personalized online experiences.  
  • Increase Traffic, Leads, and Sales from Local Consumers: Acquiring local customers for your business is always beneficial. Local customers always show more trust in your brand, which further promotes a higher visit-to-sale rate.

Swift Growth of Your Business: In the world of digital supremacy, only a fraction of businesses use local SEO services. This provides you a great chance to go ahead of your local competition and stand out in your local directories, searches, maps, and social media.

Why Infidigit as Local SEO Company

Do you wish to grow your local business?

If yes, let Infidigit make your business visible to users online.

If you are a small business owner and have a few business locations you need to market, our Local SEO services will help you boost your local business presence online. 

As a Local SEO Company, we offer you services that help generate conversions. Our Local SEO Services include –


  •   In-depth analysis of your service area, including competitor analysis
  •   Area-based keyword research
  •   Local Link Building and Listing
  •   Optimizing your Google My Business Page

Why is Local SEO Important for a Business?

Local SEO services are designed to give you more traction when relevant search queries are conducted within a certain radius of your business’ location. Over 46% of Google searches are local, which means nearly half of the people around your offline touchpoint are looking for local businesses.

Local SEO can help you get visibility at the exact moment when a prospective lead is looking for services or products like yours. Moreover, with reviews, CTAs, social media integrations, and an optimized website, you can drive this traffic to your online or offline store.

Alongside visibility, local SEO opens doors to several opportunities for your business: 

  • Get Better Conversions with Relevant Leads: Local SEO provides an added layer of filters for leads. When someone searches for your business right now, and near you, they show a strong intent, making it easy for you to attract relevant traffic. Moreover, by adding buttons like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Book an Appointment’, you can make the full circle of attraction to conversion in a matter of seconds. 
  • Increase Repeat Purchases: Instead of spending more on expensive campaigns that nudge buyers to revisit your business, focus on local SEO and increase brand loyalty.
  • Attract Footfall: Alongside leads, local SEO can also help get more traffic to your store, website, or outlet. Local SEO services enable visibility in local searches. This is great for bringing people to your business who might not have an existing intent but can get tempted to purchase on a visit. Hence, local SEO can help you broaden the set of people who know about your business in general. 
  • Utilize Your Online Reputation: If your business has garnered positive reviews from its customer base, they should not be visible only on some landing page. Reviews are one of the best assets to build credibility, and with Google Reviews, you can actively leverage this reputation to generate brand equity. 
  • Lower Your Marketing Expenses: General SEO can be of more advantage to brands with large marketing budgets. But local SEO is all about focusing on high intent queries with optimized digital assets. This gives you a level playing field in your local community.
  • Build Authority: If you check all the boxes listed by a local SEO company, you will attract more traffic and drive more conversions. This is the recipe for higher authority and lower cost per acquisition!

Local SEO Ranking Factors

A local SEO company can help you get better visibility in your geography by focusing on these factors:


  • Google My Business Ranking: You should have a GMB account. Use professional assistance to post on it frequently and nudge your customers to review your product/services on Google. 
  • NAP Consistency: NAP stands for Name-Address-Phone Number. Ensure these three data points are the same on your website, GMB page, and social media accounts.
  • User Experience: Ensure your website has a responsive UI that delivers a great experience even on mobile devices.
  • Relevant Inbound Links: Other local businesses, directories, non-profits, online communities, and other collectives should be backlinking to your website.

Local SEO Services Include

On-page Optimization

Search engines need to know the nature of your business and location of operations to rank you for appropriate searches.

Local Link Building & Listing

Effective local link building campaigns make a difference in not just local organic rankings but also in pack rankings.

Target Local Keywords

Here the keywords are identified using geo-specific searches of the users.

Optimize Google My Business (GMB) Listings

Google My Business SEO is a sure-shot way of earning credibility for your brand and a better click rate

Citation Management

Citation management includes building campaigns that can help you get locally listed on websites like Yelp, Bing.

Detailed Reporting

We go that extra mile to ensure that our reports work just as well for businesses with one or multiple locations.

Search engines need to know the nature of your business and location of operations to rank you for appropriate searches.

  • We do a thorough market analysis of your service areas, research local competitors outranking you and optimize localized keywords and maps
  • We also develop search engine friendly schema markups and execute localized content marketing initiatives to boost your rankings.
  • We ensure that your home page title tag, header tag and meta description are thoroughly optimised for local SEO

Effective local link building campaigns make a difference in not just local organic rankings but also in pack rankings.

  • We analyze our client’s current hyperlocal links, their competitor’s links, link opportunities in their business category and devise a sensible and result oriented link building strategy.
  • Our team audits and edits citations across directories to include right name-address-phone number (NAP citations), creates new citations and monitors local listings effectively
  • We apply local business schema, or structured data markup to every web page to optimize website for SEO.

Setting the right keywords in your content can do wonders in the web traffic of your website.

  • Any local SEO company or service performs extensive research in finding the right local keywords for your business. The keywords are identified using geo-specific searches of the users. 
  • Experts analyze the right industry-related keywords and sort out them by their search intent. The local keywords are strategically placed in your website content so that your brand appears in more local searches and generates more business.

Google My Business SEO is a sure-shot way of earning credibility for your brand and a better click rate to your website.

  •  GMB enables you to create a listing for your business on Google. Moreover, you can also manage your online business appearance to a great extent with this amazing tool. 
  • Using GMB, you can provide information about your business, such as working hours, contact number, email, directions to store, etc. Besides, you can also leverage Google My Business to add business pictures, promote company events, and interact with the customers, increasing your brand awareness. 

Business citations are considered a key parameter in local SEO services.

  • The citations typically consist of information such as your business name, address, contact number, and website. Local citations serve as a reference for your business on other websites. 
  • Citation management includes building campaigns that can help you get locally listed on websites like Yelp, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Apple Maps, TripAdvisor, and more. The campaigns also include researching niche-specific directories in your locality based on your business and maximize your brand presence.

We go that extra mile to ensure that our reports work just as well for businesses with one or multiple locations.

  • Our reports include details of organic, maps & mobile search rankings in aggregate for all your locations. It’s laid out in an intuitive dashboard backed by deep analytics.
  • We also report tracking information of local citations & NAP, easy identifications of your best and worst performing locations, gaps in your local listing coverage & which locations are not listed on important directories.
  • We visually depict keyword trends, keyword ranking tables, and device/location comparisons which ensure better legibility of information

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FAQ's on Local SEO Services

Local SEO is one of the most cost-effective and strategic mediums to promote your brand to local customers at the exact time they’re searching for your product category online. Through local directory listings, citations and on-page optimization, Local SEO can help your business boost rankings on hyperlocal searches and increase revenues from local consumers. Read more on What is Local SEO

Due to the factors affecting search results and the dynamic nature of search engines themselves, no one can explicitly guarantee search engine rankings through Local SEO. Google updates its search algorithms multiple times in a year and we are constantly on our toes to tweak our strategies to align with those updates. We ensure that we employ the most ethical best practices to enable you to sustainably rank higher on local search results. Our past work is a testimony of the fact that despite steering clear from giving guarantees, we have delivered results for our clients.

We are proud of the fact that we have an in-house team of SEO experts in our corporate office. We do not outsource our core competencies and ensure that we hire the most experienced experts for the job. We are a close-knit team and work together to deliver the best results for our clients in terms of local listings.

There is no guarantee of time taken to achieve desired rankings through local SEO. Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm and hence achieving results is a challenge, especially if your category includes competitive local search terms, which have a high search volume. However, in our experience, while working with brands, we have seen them achieve rankings for long tail keywords within 3 months and for competitive keywords – within 6 months.

We rate People, Ethics, Processes, and Discipline as our primary ingredients in the secret sauce behind our success. Our competencies in result driven Local SEO have gained global recognition. We don’t believe that just driving quality traffic to your website is our job. We partner with you to grow your revenue through online sales from local consumers.

Our commercial proposal for any Local SEO campaign depends on our effort estimates which are calculated based on your location, number and quality of keywords we are targeting, the age of your website and competitiveness of the major industry players for those local keywords. Since quality, Local SEO is a customized effort and no “one size fits all” service, we would request you to get in touch with our team for a quick call to get a suitable quote.

Based on our analysis of client websites, we do suggest some updates on website structure, code, and content, to ensure optimization to rank better on search engines. Based on their individual preferences, our clients get their internal teams to execute to those update requests or leave the updates to our team which is quite competent in executing the same

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